We solve the problem of urban pollution by spreading greenery through waste management method

Garden On Concrete is started with the philosophy “Join the culture of nature” and with the help of dedicated team, trying to:

  • To make a trend of gardening as a daily festivalgardening as worship,
  • To change a mindset that gardening could be done everywhere,
  • To trainand make  habitat of gardening to our next generation and increase employment in the field of gardening
  • To make kitchen waste productive
  • To promote Garden Therapy for a healthy and happy life

We also aimed to fill the market gap of gardening business by making the gardening products, services and information easily reachable to public.


GreenShala is a training program which includes:

  • Gardening workshops/classes in educational institutions.
  • Gardening and agriculture training for those people who want to work for making the world green.
  • Garden Therapy for a healthy life by working out with plants


We have following Products

  • Garden plants
  • Pots & planters
  • Fertilizers
  • Gift plants
  • Garden Tools

We Serve for

  • Garden Maintenance
  • Making all kind of garden like Indoor, Outdoor, Rooftop, Wall garden, Hanging Garden, Kids Garden, Lawns, Farmhouse, Greenhouse etc.
  • Gardening training
  • Gardening Workshop and seminars
  • Garden Therapy
  • Kitchen Composting
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Ekta Chakrwal HR

Ekta Chakrwal

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