Sunita, a mother of two, has witnessed a heart-wrenching phase in her life when she found herself helpless when her husband passed away. Survival with two kids in a fast-paced city was never going to be a cakewalk for her. Being the only one to earn in her family of three, Sunita found a glimmer of hope when she got an opportunity to work in the manufacturing unit of Ikkatdoor for handwork viz. stitching and checking. Sooner did she realize that the long hours she is putting in was bearing sweet fruits for her kids and for herself as well. After investing a few years of hard work in the cordial environment of the unit where many other women keep on the hustling day in day out with Sunita, she is now a known personality. She grew leaps and bounds as an individual and turned out to be a strong lady who was now completely capable of providing education and a basic healthy lifestyle to her children.

Of late, with Ikkatdoor being shifted to the digital platform, the workload and the responsibility also doubled up and so does the joy and excitement of Sunita as now she could earn even more. The sense of empowerment that Ikkatdoor rubbed onto her was of immense importance considering the fact that she was both the mother as well as the father of her kids.

As we know there’s always a sunrise after the dawn, it’s only you who has to be the fittest to survive sailing on the waves of uncertainty and Sunita did it with sheer pride and determination holding the hands of Ikkatdoor.


Chanchal, aged 45, who takes up the job of filling up zari designs and handprint, has been doing it quite well from last ten years in our unit, working around the clock and has developed a bond with Ikkatdoor which she never wants to let go off. She feels empowered with the sense of financial security and stability. She is now all capable of shouldering the responsibilities of her family and the education of her children who are all about-to-be graduates.

Henceforth, working hard and standing up on her own has its own ramifications i.e., Ikkatdoor, not only provides the sense of women empowerment but also makes the person grow as a strong individual mentally and eventually helps in imparting education as well. So, Ikkatdoor is not just about the business and profit but it’s also about the human values imbibed deep in it.

Likewise; Kiran, Madhu Rani, Pushpa, Rajni, Sanju lata, there are many more notable instances in our unit that are the building blocks of our manufacturing unit which professes the idea of women empowerment that Ikkatdoor is proud of.


The cornerstones, as we had discussed in our blog, which meant the artisans and craftsmen who carry out those skilful tasks of block printing, screen printing, hand printing, are the linchpins that our organization revolves around. Ikkatdoor is one of those end results that we were striving for last ten years. It’s not a new entity rather it’s the product of years and years of hard work which we have constantly put in day in day out. It’s just has assumed a new identity to access far-reaching places on a digital platform and it is the need of the hour to go for this paradigm shift. Kashi, a block printer; Vijay, a screen printer and many others are the ones who have been putting in their glistening efforts from last 7-8 years working for long hours in this manufacturing unit deeply rooted in Benaras. We, Ikkatdoor, as a family take care of, not just the customers but also of these industrious artisans and craftsmen. We acknowledge and appreciate their constant endeavours by all means whether it be verbally or financially. That is why they are always on top of their work for this organization to succeed and excel even more in years to come. We are, as a family, highly committed to providing something new and of premium quality to our customers at reasonable and genuine prices. The final product that we can see in here is the culmination of constant efforts from bottom to the top tier of the organization, getting through several processes and eventually reaching out to you.